Podcast Episodes

Episode 48.5: There are Three Things You Need to Know

Episode 48: Books!

Episode 47: August?!

Episode 46: We’re Still Hiding From the Sun

Episode 45: The Back Porch 

Episode 44: Summer Vacation

Episode 43: Balance

Episode 42: An Undetermined Number

Episode 41: Things I forgot

Episode 40: My Origin Story

Epsiode 39: Back on the Porch

Episode 38: One More Week

Episode 37: Just the Essentials

Episode 36: Make & Mend

Episode 35: Tea Cup? Tea Mug?

Episode 34: Here There be Yarn… and Lego

Episode 33: Making up Words

Episode 32: Almost Spring

Episode 31: Thrifted Treasures

Episode 30: It all Relates

Episode 29: We Can See Clearly Now

Episode 28: And the Winner Is...

Episode 27: Back at School

Episode 26: Can You Hear Me Now?

Episode 25: Fiber, Books, and Bricks

Episode 24: Paternal Socks

Episode 23: Book Haul

Episode 22: Heavy on the Nerdy

Episode 21: Quick Catch Up

Episode 20: Waking up Sleeping WIPs

Episode 19: Don’t Feed the Zombies

Episode 18: What is Lace Again?

Episode 17: (St)eek!

Episode 16: T Minus One Month

Episode 15: The Return of the White Bag

Episode 14.5: Update

Episode 14: A Little bit of Everything

Episode 13: The Porch, One Last Time

Episode 12: Street Fighter

Episode 11: Comic Relief 

Episode 10: More Plans Than Anything

Episode 9: Spindle Wands

Episode 8: Kitsch

Episode 7: I Might Have Made a Skirt

Episode 6: Yarns, Present and Future 

Episode 5: Highly Sophisticated System of Interlocking Bricks

Episode 4: Mail Day

Episode 3A: Norway     Episode 3B: Norway Continued

Episode 2: Camping

Episode 1: Something New