Vlog 15: Yarn & Books- What More Could you Need?

Mom’s Beachy Washrags

All Shinies Deserve Love Socks

Tankish Top

Fightin’ words

Summer 2017 KnitScene

Spring/Summer 2017 KnitSimple

Pandia’s Jewels, Aran Tweed in Divination

Shirsty Cat Turkish Spindle


Gravity Falls

KnitLib Episode 16  (Lumberjanes Review)

Garland of Letters Bookstore

Atomic City Comics


I was Getting Alot of Work Done Until

The washer we have has faithfully served us for at least the 15 years we have lived in this house (almost to the level of Sir. Washie) made a fatal error today. They were happily filling for the load of laundry my mom had just put in while she was making lunch and I was editing. Them, they simply forgot to stop filling.

Good news, my brother discovered it relatively quickly, when he went to go to the bathroom.

Bad news, he noticed because the floor was covered with water.

Good news, the water didn’t flood the closet adjacent to the bathroom.

Bad news, that’s because it was pouring into our basement.

Good news, our basement is unfinished with a cement floor and a drain.

Bad news, the model train table was directly under both primary streams of water.

Good news, I was able to grab a still-dry wash basin and fill it with soggy HO gauge cars, track and buildings and haul them directly outside through the bilco doors.

Bad news, the felt board on top of the train table is completely ruined.

Good news, the table itself and the furniture stored in the basement all appear to be fine.

Bad news, both the transformers that control the trains are likely ruined.


Good news, most of the train cars and buildings are fine.


It’s sunny and things are drying out nicely.


The wayward washer.

Stash Dash: Starting Line


This is a picture of all of my current WIPs. From the upper left, clockwise we have;

Caron Yarns Destash Blanket

the Blanket

Wave on Wave 

Fightin’ Words

Tankish Top

My hot pink rolags

All Shinies Deserve Love

Quite a lot, yeah? The reason for this slightly shameful roll call is that I have decided to join in on Stash Dash. Stash Dash is essentially a large group knit-a-long where everyone tries to work through their Stash. I’ve decided that this will be the perfect opportunity to finish the numerous WIPs I have piling up from this year and before.

Greetings From Philadelphia


I was recently in the lovely city of Philadelphia for a school trip. While I can’t talk about the school part of the trip, I can show off all of the sights I was lucky enough to get to see. I did make two week-long vlogs, which I’ve linked here for your enjoyment.

I am also including a few pictures of the paintings of the row houses I was painting in vlog number 1.

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