I Love Spinning

I love my spinning. I’ve been quite addicted to it lately. The rolags are fluffy, and soft and the little bits of Sari silk that show up every now and again are just so exciting. (I might be easily amused).


I’m making progress now that I have a whole ‘bobbin’ full of 46.9 grams of singles. I have 7 rolags left and I’m spinning away on my Aaronmakesstuff spindle.


However, I have to admit something, I’m cheating on my fiber. Okay, okay, I hear your indignant protestations (unless, of course, you’re on my side?),  and I know there’s no excuse for cheating on really nice rolags, but at least let me try. Exhibit A: I took knitting and spinning with me when I was camping (see? I was trying), but it turned out to be way easier to knit around the campfire than spin, and the stitch pattern was addicting, and the yarn was handspun BFL singles I got from a friend on Instagram a few years back, and I had never knit with BFL before.

Anyway, I got a bit carried away and I now have a whole cowl (minus the buttons) for when I go to Peru (I didn’t tell you guys about that yet, did I?), since it will be winter there.

Exhibit B is also rather compelling. I’m way behind on this month’s socks for the AK Sockness (the theme this month is Fairisle) and BoxOSox KALs. They are a pair of socks that I am designing I go, since I couldn’t find any patterns that meshed with the yarn I had left at school. While I was distracted with my spinning I fell behind and now I’m half a sock behind.


They are pretty though, the main color is Lazy O’ Ranch in the ‘Geometry’ colorway. the contrasting colorway is KnitPicks Stroll Solids, Heathers & Twists in the ‘Saphire Heather’ colorway It’s the yarn I used in my mom’s Squircle socks this Christmas.

My mom also asked that I knit her some washcloths for her, and I’ve been putting that off since January because other things (SPINNING?!?) were more interesting. Now, she wants one for Memorial Day weekend (the 26th-28th for those of you not in the US), which means I have to get it done by Saturday, since Sunday I’m headed to Philadelphia for 2 weeks (I didn’t tell you guys about that either, did I?). That’s Exhibit C, by the way.


So, yeah, cheating on spinning is inexcusable, but maybe now you understand why I did am doing it?


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