Flyover Post

This post is the equivalent of me fly by at a million miles an hour, throwing some things out behind me and seeing what sticks. Sadly that’s all I have time for today. I wanted to post something though, to let you guys know I am still around, somewhat.

I’ve been busy since I last posted (has it really been that long?) mostly with school, but that’s boring. Let me tell you about the fun stuff. I went to IthaCon and got to meet one of the authors that was most influential to me in middle and high school. I still enjoy her books today. Tamora Pierce. Y’all, I met Tamora Frickin Pierce! I was so nervous that I forgot how to spell my name when she was signing my book. Luckily she was as kind as she was funny and intelligent. I even got her to hold my knitting.


You can watch the Vlog I made of the whole day here if you want.

Knitting-wise I’m working on an Espeon for Everett, Jake’s roommate. Here’s a picture of the backside of it.



I finished the body and the tail last night. I’d show you the front too, but it’s the same as the back, minus the tail. I’m following this pattern, which I used to make a Jiji for myself a few years ago. However he’s looking a bit stouter than Jiji does, but I’m using the same yarn and needles so I’m not sure why. If there were any modifications done to Jiji I can’t remember them, and honestly, with the amount of braining school is taking, I’m not even going to try.

I’m still on track for the AKSockness KAL and BoxOSox KAL as well. This month’s pair of socks are actually kind of zooming along (I really hope I didn’t just jinx myself). They’re a pair of Vanilla toe-up socks using some KnitPicks Felici that was gifted to my by Kathryn. (The even have the same colorway- Rainbow!)


This is the second foot and as you can see with the random blue line, I’ve passed the spot for the afterthought heel. I’m loving the way these are knitting up and if had some of that mythical spare time, I would take time off from knitting to just squish them.

I’ve been reading a wee bit too. Kameron Hurley’s Mirror Empire series. I’m on book two of three; Empire Ascendent. It’s a thick classic fantasy novel that’s only ‘classic’ in the sense that it’s practically a tome with each page crammed full of a minuscule font that conveys a heavy plot that requires a bit of thought to digest. Other than that, it’s very modern. I love it.


The cover is all bent up already as I’ve been hauling it around with me for a bit and finally seem to be making progress on it. I’ll do a full review on it later. For now, I need to get back to my report for Assessment in Education.

Be back soon when I can!


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