Dreams of FOs

I went a little crazy Friday and knit the last five rows of ribbing on my second Achilles Heal sock all the way through the leg patterning and part of the top of the foot. It helped that I went to a soccer banquet and had no excuse to not knit through the thing. I also had lots of class time that lent itself to knitting.


I also kind of lost my head when I finished the mitt part of the first of my Fight’ Words mitts. As soon as I cast off the ribbing I cast it aside and Sunday I grabbed my long-suffering inCampside Shawl (It’s been since August??) and caught part of a Minecraft stream by Lapis Lauri while I knitted on it.


I was under the delusion that I could finish it in an afternoon. I correctly remembered that I didn’t have much less, but the amount itself was more than I thought. Also, I’ve been modifying this shawl as I went, making it larger since it’s a shawl for DK weight yarn and I am using fingering weight yarn.


I initially had two skeins of Knit Picks Palette in bare so I wasn’t worried about running out of yarn. Then I dyed it. (Why? Because I wanted to.) Now I’m going to have to cut out a bit of the lace pattern to make it to the end. Not really a big deal, but it bugs me that I should have just knit it the way it was written as it seems plenty big now even missing 1 & 1/2 lace charts, but there’s no way I’m unraveling back to what I assume is where I deviated from the pattern.

Also, I was wondering if you guys were interested in me starting my book reviews over again. I’m thinking of releasing one on the first of each month. Let me know!


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