Ripit Ripit

Sunday morning Jake and I went into the town on the edge of our University’s campus and had some lovely coffee and mocha muffins. On a whim, I asked him if he’d like to accompany me into the rustic gift/fabric store across the way. They have a small yarn selection as well, and I told myself him I wanted to ‘just look around’. Of course that didn’t happen. There was a large basket and cubby of yarn marked ‘50% off’. After perusing and resisting organizing it it I chose two skeins of Debbie Bliss Rialto Chunky in ‘43014’ and ‘43011’. It’s 100% wool and was $3.00 a skein with the discount. I couldn’t say no to that.


After that, we went into one of the two antique stores on the main street. He wanted to look at the shelf of video games the one had. I was more than game. The case was no longer there, the vendor having left the store. I, however, came away with two things. A bit of fabric with paper dolls on it (the fabric was also 50% off and cost $1.00).


I didn’t have enough room to take a picture of it all opened up, so I made a collage of somewhat dubious quality in photoshop. It occurs to me now that I could have made one on it here.

I also found a craft book from the 1980s ($1.50). It has some motifs in it I particularly like. Between that and the new yarn, I think I smell a hat pattern.

What else have I been doing?

I’ve started the Fightin’ Words Mitts and, dear friends, it hasn’t been going well. The first time I ripped it out I didn’t like the striped ribbing I was improving. The second I had forgotten to start one of the points of colorwork. Time three was because I had forgotten to start increasing for the thumb gusset.


This is where I am right now and, unfortunately, it is waiting to be ripped out again. It’s too small. Not so small it doesn’t fit. Just not comfortably. I planned to take a few hours today and rip it out without any distractions, but the day just got away from me.


I also did some spinning last week. The amount I managed isn’t so notable as the fact that I spun anything at all. I’ve been working on these rolags since July and I would like to have them finished at some point.

I also did some knitting on the ten-stitch charity blanket, but not enough for it to be worth taking a picture of. It still looks mostly the same. School has been crazy right off the bat and I applied for a new job today and people want me to join or run new clubs. Maybe lots of meeting time will mean listening and knitting time. Maybe not, I’ll squeeze it in regardless.



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