Katzen Bites Back

I finished my Katzen Bites Back socks! I’m so excited that I have no lead-up. They’re just done!


I apologize for the slightly crappy quality of the pictures, the lighting in my dorm room is, apparently, not the best. These socks are the Mercury Socks by Kim Drotar. I knit them out of Schoppel Woll Ambiente, in the colorway  ‘Katzenbißer’ (‘cat-biter’ for those who don’t speak German like me).


I also managed to get to the post office and have it be open (I went Monday, and they were closed for an unannounced lunch break. Tuesday campus was closed for a snowstorm and so was the post office). I got my yarn for my Fightin’ Words mitts, also going to be in multiple KALs.


They are three skeins of Cascade 220 Fingering

After adding them to my stash on Ravelry, the colors are Black, Ruby, and White. So I was close.


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