It’s been cold lately. So cold, in fact, I made a vlog about it. (It’s made, but not uploaded. I’ll link to it when I do.) Tuesday I had an appointment to get my flu shot at 8:45. My appointment was right on time (unlike my dentist appointment) and I was out the door by 9:00. Them, I popped into the grocery store a block away to get some things. I was out of there in another 15 minutes.  It had been flurrying when I left my doctor’s and by the time I left the grocery store, enough snow had fallen I not only had to clean off my car, but had to drive super slowly to get home.

There are several hills between town and my house and I slipped down the last one that has a v-shaped curve I must go around to get home. My car didn’t want to do that, though, so we went a little ways and turned around properly so that I could turn around, and by the grace of a man in an oversized pickup truck who stopped to let me in my little (thankfully all-wheel-drive) Subaru go past when I should have had to stop for him I was able to get back up the hill and then down the road I needed to go down to get home.

At about 11 the scary computer lady called to tell me all students in my brother’s district were getting out  3 & 1/2 hours early. He came home and the snow stopped at 1. We didn’t get more that 2 inches, though it came all at once.

That night, it rained. The next day there was a half-inch of ice on top of everything. School was canceled for my brother. The driveway was encrusted in ice and snow so I did the only thing I could think of. I shoveled/scraped the entire thing. You might wonder why I didn’t just wait for it to melt. Well, it was surprisingly warm Wednesday, and I was worried it would all freeze solid that night with no snow underneath.

So, I spent an hour and a half of my life entertaining myself with renditions of ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ (one of the only songs I can carry a tune with), the ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’, butchered versions of ‘She’ll be Coming ‘Round the Mountain When she Comes‘*, ‘I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, ‘** ‘Siyahumba‘***, and ‘Drunken Sailor‘****  since I didn’t know most of the words for each of these songs. I also sang Happy Birthday to Alexander Hamilton, because about 1/2 way through the ordeal I realized it was actually his birthday (Feel free in the comments to point out that I am enough of a nerd to know when Alexander Hamilton’s Birthday is. I know. I relish in it.).

In the end, I got it done, and got a free concert out of it (though the quality is doubtful).


Hear me roar.

(I promise I will talk about knitting tomorrow)

Song Notes Because I’m a Nerd

*This is the closest version to the one I remember singing with my grandmother at age 4 or 5, although I remember something about red pajamas…  Also apparently, in other versions, they have to kill the rooster to get the chicken and dumplings…

** I had forgotten that the old lady dies in the end until I heard my mom singing it with my niece. In this version, she blows up (??) which is kind of terrifying since it’s a clip from Sesame Street (??!)

***This one is more of a ‘church song’, but I learned it in my Middle School chorus, not that I can sing.

****Seriously, listen to this one. It’s a good old sea shanty. I couldn’t remember any part but ‘shave his belly with a rusty razor’, but I digress.


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