Operative codename: Kninernat

Mission: Knit secret Christmas present for the ‘target’, civilian boyfriend Jake.

Clearance: Seven to eight years knitting experience.

Deadline: December 18, 2016

Key: operatives-knitters, civilians-nonknitters, ‘package’-hat, blueprints-pattern

Dec.1.16: Took the ‘package’ to the operative meeting ‘KnitWits’ where I am the president. Attempted to cast on. Realized I forgot the appropriate circular needle. Returned to dorm building early to cast on. Cast on in white. After consulting internet images, recast on in pink.

Dec.2.2016: Knit on the ‘package’ during civilian Math Methods I and Intermediate Spanish classes. Struggled to explain to operative Spanish Professor what I was knitting a ‘Gorro Pescado’ (fish hat) and resulted to showing her the blueprints. Finished short-row shaping before bed.

Dec.5.2016: Knit on the ‘package’ during civilian Spanish class. The three civilians seemed interested in my progress. Interestingly enough the two operatives we not. Perhaps it is the novelty that interests them…

Dec.8.2016: Knit during operative meeting ‘KnitWits’ and switched from circular needles to DPNs.

Dec.9.2016: Knit during civilian Spanish Class while participating in Finals Review. Finished the body decreases and started the tail.

Dec.11.2016: Had a heart-stopping conversation on with the ‘target’ about whether Magikarp is red or orange. In the end, we agreed on reddish-orange.

Dec.17.2016: After several fiddly bits and bobs, the hat is finished and wrapped. I wanted one for myself but I’m good and sick of it for the time being.

Dec.20.2016: The ‘package’ has been delivered. Mission Accomplished!




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