The World is my Oyster

Now that Christmas knitting is done. And what do I do? I decide to work on my oldest WIP (March 24, 2013); my Sock Yarn Blanket (By Shelly Kang). That’s what it was called before the Cozy Memories Blanket craze, you blanket noobs. I’ve been rather obsessed with it lately. I knit about nine squares (11?) in the space of a day and a half (The nice thing about that is that each square before the end of the year is an entry into the Slug Club thread in the Oh! Loops KAL. I’m up to about 38). Then, I decided that

Then, I decided that I should go through the flannel sheet set bag that housed my scraps and miniskeins dedicated to the project and figure out whether there was enough for a square in each ball or skein.


I then borrowed the super sensitive scale my brother uses while building quadcopters (you wanna make them as efficient as possible, and those tenths of a gram add up, apparently).


Anything that was more than 5 grams got to stay. Anything significantly less, got set aside in my glass pitcher.

In the end, I had so little self-control so many minis, I ended up adding them to the magic cake I had been making for a while now. It’s made of whatever is leftover that can’t go into the blanket. Most scraps are only a few yards. Some are 3 or 4 grams. My magic cake is now a hefty 124.81 grams. Huh, my brother was right. Those tenths of a gram add up.



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