Progressive Progress

On Sunday I went with my boyfriend, for the first time, to his family’s Progressive dinner. (for those who don’t know, a progressive dinner is a dinner where the salads are served in one home, the main course is served in another, the coffee (or hot chocolate) in another and the dessert in another).

As we walked to the of his grandparents’ home for salads I remembered how much how I hate meeting people. I love people, meeting them not so much. I, of course, brought some knitting to keep me company. It was an enjoyable evening overall.

Number of times I was asked my major: 8

Number of times I was asked my name: I lost count

Number of times someone asked if I was married to Jake: 1

Number of knitters I met: 1 (she was just learning how and approached me)

Number of babies I held: Sadly, 0


of requests for knitted items: 2 (Hunting hats in orange or camo, and a watch?)

Amount of knitting I got done: This much


I had just started the cuff when we left for the first house.


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