Ends not Woven In


Now that I’ve finished the Squircle Socks, I have a few ends to weave in.

There were a few close calls with the minis I used.


This was all I had left of the blue after the second sock.


I didn’t quite make it with the yellowy-gold yarn and only had 8 out of the 10 rounds completed. But you can’t really tell. I mean, there are a lot of ‘fudged’ things in this pattern. The gusset had to be reworked because I couldn’t be bothered to write down remember what I had done the first time. The toes also have different numbers of stitches because I messed up where I was supposed to decreasing, but fixed it. Again, you can’t really tell.

Here’s a picture of all the end… well, not woven in, but tucked out of the way.


Another Christmas presents done! I did stat my grandfather’ socks, just plain ones this time. They’re actually the same color, but in a different base. Finals start tomorrow, though, so, ironically, I should have a bit more knitting time since they’re all project-based.

Maybe I’ll have something to show tomorrow. For now, imagine the cuff from these socks, but in worsted.


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