Gorritos Gatitos

I finished the second of my two kitty hats (Gorritos Gatitos in Spanish) on Thursday. I would have had it done Wednesday, but I lost one of my %#$&ing DPNS for a few hours and the resulting panic lost me a few hours of knitting. I do, however, have a few pictures for you of them, despite my camera hiding the first batch I took Friday morning, and then only showing them to me after I took a second batch Saturday morning.


This project embodies the best of two of my favorite knit-bloggers/podcasters. Andi, of Andresueknits, used to run one of my favorite blogs, and now runs one of my favorite podcasts. She designed the pattern, the KitKat hat which I modified slightly to fit my nieces’ heads. I got the idea to have my nieces dye the yarn first, actually, before I had an idea of what pattern to use. That idea came to me while watching the Yarnder Woman Podcast (hosted by Melinda) when she had her niece and nephew dye sock blanks.

This is what they look like when worn, albeit a bit stretched. The ‘ears’ are made out of the corners being stitched together. For all the modifications I made for it to fit my nieces’ smaller heads (which, despite 2 & 1/2 years of age difference are the same size) you check out my Ravelry project page Gorito Gatito 1.


Of course, I cast on another Christmas present right away. I am currently chugging along on the Squircle socks by General Hogbuffer. I may be making it a bit more difficult than necessary by knitting it on DPNs while the author strongly suggests that we knit the socks on magic-loop or a 9-inch circular. I am a die-hard DPNer so I will struggle along stoically and not complain and only complain a little.


The construction is a bit interesting (seriously, does that look like any heel flap you’ve ever done?) But, now that we’re underway, it seems to be making more sense, although I would recommend having at least one cup of coffee prior to working on them. I was knitting on them last evening and I was too tired to follow the instructions.


These are scrappy socks and will work well for the December main challenge of the Oh Loops! Harry Potter KAL.

That’s it. All this monogamy is starting to scare me. Let’s see how long before it makes me twitchy, shall we?


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