I spent most of yesterday after I posted doing homework. I spent most of today doing homework. I even made a l*st. Despite Sal’s warnings about making l*sts on this weekend I decided to dance with the devil and make one. It looks like this:


Social Studies Responses

Record Lesson

Graph Tests

Grade Tests

Error Analysis

Lesson Plans

Goals and Objectives 


Fix Math Graphs

Make Final Drafts of Grafts

Spanish Homework

Science Lesson brochure

Science Lesson PowerPoint

Phase Change Sheet

Scan & Print pages

I left the ones I’ve finished in the l*st because I need validation I want to show how much effort I put into my schooling. Not because I want to brag, but because I want to explain how grateful for it I am. I am going to college to become exactly what I want to be within the world; a teacher. It takes a lot of time to come up with Minecraft-themed worksheets, but I’d do it in a heartbeat so two little boys will see meaning in learning to do math and learning to read.

It’s all so overwhelming sometimes, and I admit there have been tears and there have been times when I thought I should just give up and do something else, but really, I can’t imagine doing anything else in my life.

Some other things I’m grateful for today are my cat who has quickly found herself a new spot in the extra seating we pulled out.


My stepfamily that has grown so large in the past years since I joined it at age 8 that we now have a hard time fitting everyone at the table (we’re actually one seat short in this picture).


And for my knitting, which has just reached the lace section.


(Ignore the pinky picture, our printer was on its last drops of colored ink)

I hope all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving today have a wonderful weekend and spend lots of time with those you love, and doing what you love.


2 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. Lol, i think the list curse is only at my house. 😖I hope you and your family are safe from it!

    Your list and all that is crossed off it are amazing. That work is well worth doing, hang in there, you will make it.

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