A Month

Now that we are in the end half of November I feel like it is appropriate to say that November has been a month. There was judgment election day, there’s the constant Christmas fervor (not that I don’t love Christmas but can we please have Thanksgiving first?), and the looming deadlines for all of my assignments for school. Also, there has been a lot of illness going on. It all started on the weekend before Halloween, when I had a migraine that turned into a sinus infection. Then, as soon as I got off of my antibiotics, Jake got sick. Now he’s on the mend but  I have an awful cold.

Like I said, a month. The knitting has picked up a bit since I last talk to you all. If you look at my Cladonia it’s hard to see much difference. But, believe it or not, it’s been getting bigger as the plot thickens in Arrow and as time has an identity crisis in ‘Legends of Tomorrow’. (If you love campy sci-fi and the idea of a show made up of side characters appeals to you, then this is the series for you. Also, it has some pretty great LGBT representation as a bonus.)


I also spent some time knitting an infant hat for the charity Knitting4Peace. The fiber arts club on my campus is going to be donating to them in the spring. I think it turned out adorable although the pom-pom is a bit too reminiscent of a baseball for my taste.


Surprisingly, some yarn came in the mail yesterday as well. I say surprisingly because I thought I had it shipped to my house, not here to school. They’re a very squishy two skeins of bare Knit Picks Worsted weight yarn. It’s 100% superwash wool.


In the description online it states that it holds dye colors very well, which is good since I will be having my two nieces, ages five (I can’t believe she’s 5) and three, dye this yarn when they visit for Thanksgiving. Once the plan is underway I will explain what it’s for. Until then, pray for my sanity, and the floor my workroom, and the clothing of my nieces wear on dyeing day.


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