Calming Cladonia

I planned on writing this post several days ago. But, things happened. Things happened that will affect all of our country, though some of us will feel the effects more strongly than others.

I have lost a lot of knitting mojo lately. However, I do have a bit to show. The November challenge  for the Oh! Loops Harry Potter Knit-a-Long is the Cladonia by Kristen Kapurimg_9012

I have been plotting this shawl since I went to the Steel City Fiber Fest in April. While I was there I bought a skein of Hedgehog Fibres, Twist Sock in ‘Pistachio’. I had been looking for a skein of brown to complement it even since. I finally caved and ordered a skein of Knit Picks Gloss fingering in ‘Topaz’.

This month’s theme was ‘Light vs Dark’ which turned out to be shockingly appropriate and we were tasked with knitting a project with two colors. I held out for few days but quickly realized Cladonia was what I needed to knit. So here is what I have so far.


It doesn’t look like too much yet, but I love it. I have been enjoying the simple increase section while watching Legends of Tomorrow with Jake.


The colors look so nice together and, even though there is silk content in the Knit Picks yarn but the Hedgehog Fibres is 100% superwash wool, the overall texture of the shawl is very soft and even.

Hopefully, we can all find a bit of peace from our knitting.


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