On the Wings of Dragons

I was so busy chronicling our adventures while Zombie de Milo was here, that I never told you about the knit-a-long I had joined. I joined the Oh! Loops Harry Potter Knit-a-Long. It runs from October through December. I signed up and bought the requisite skein of Oh! Loops yarn (I got the colorway Sirius Black) back in August before I had any inkling of how insane busy this semester was going to be.

October rolled around and I cast on the Wisp pattern which I actually knit way back in probably eighth grade from a yarn I cannot remember (It’s from the time BR; before Ravelry). Then, while I was perusing the forums I realised that there was a theme; wings. I spent quite a bit of time down the Ravelry rabbit hole, before finding a pattern I liked.

I didn’t like any of the patterns with the word ‘wings’ in the title, but somehow, I stumbled across the Workday Scarf by Sue Flanders. It looked, to me, like the skeletal img_1395-copywings of a dragon, and thus, my iteration, ‘On Dragons’ Wings’ was cast on. I followed the pattern except for using size US 4 needles and only increasing to (if I remember correctly) 41 stitches instead of  56.

I used my skein of Oh! Loops yarn. It’s theTwist Knot base (Sport Weight, 100% SW Merino, 328 yds, 100g) and the Sirius Black colorway.img_1399-copy



Jake helped me to take some pictures of it being modeled this morning and I tried, with little success, to not seem too awkward.

There are a lot of ways to wear it, but these are my two favorites. I like the was it looks with this outfit (I got the skirt at a thrift store!) but it is probably too cold now to wear it outside.

One thing that surprised me about this project was how long the scarf actually ended up being. I can’t imagine how long it would be if I had had enough yarn to knit it to its full length. (Credit to Jake for the idea for the second picture here. I think it looks pretty cool.)


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