Zombie de Milo: Day 2

Today was day 2 of Zombie de Milo’s stay. Iimg_8966 spent most of the day working on a mathematics Curriculum-Based Measure (fun, right?), more commonly known as a test. So Zombie de Milo didn’t spend much time out and about.

She did, however, offer to bite the guy who screwed up my Mocha. I did manage to dissuade her. She spent most of the afternoon chewing on the corners of my work as I randomized basic addition and subtraction problems (2d – 1d, no regrouping, and 2d + 1d) and fiddled with formatting in word.

img_8968After Jake got back from class she hung out with him while he played Pokemon Omega Ruby instead of watching me do homework.

I wrapped up my homework right around supper time so we all headed out together. Zombie de Milo  helped Jake and I catch a Meowth.screenshot_20161004-170500

ZdM was way too interested in the passerby’s so we took the picture as quickly as possible, which resulted in it being a bit blurry.

There will definitely be more picture taking opportunities later on to catch more Pokémon, and, judging by her growls she’ll be more than willing to help.




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