Book Review: Things I Learned from Knitting

51fhyy2xxsl-_sx344_bo1204203200_Title: Things I Learned from Knitting, Whether I wanted to or not.

Author: Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Year Published: 2008

Category: Humor, Memoir, Knitting

*No Spoilers*



Stephanie Pear-McPhee is one of my personal writing idols and has been an inspiration to me since about seventh grade when I started reading her blog. Reading one of her full books was something I had been wanting to do since middle school as well. Jake was sweet enough to get a copy of this book for me for our two-year anniversary.

‘Things’ is a well written little book, (Seriously, I was surprised how little the book was) that is the literary equivalent of your favorite warm beverage and a blanket on a rainy day. A few of the stories were familiar from her blog (although I did read the whole thing last winter), but most were new, and all brought a smile to my face.


I rate it: 4/5

Goodreads says: 4/5

Amazon says: 4.5/5