Those Three Little Words


Last summer my Step-Grandmother was kind enough to give me her White Zigzag Sewing Machine (model 2134). I affectionately call her Blanca and, on the warranty card inside the instruction manual, it says it was purchased on May seventeenth nineteen sixty five. (That’s, Norwegian Independence Day too.)

That makes Blanca 51 years old. She’s still running well, though you can’t wind bobbins on her anymore. However, in her old age she’s become a bit, well, crotchety.


She’s a bit fussy with her tension. Especially the bobbin tension. I’ve learned it’s better to haul out the screw driver and my dedicated fabric scraps and get it all set up each time I start a new project after putting her away for a bit.

I’ve gotten quite good at getting the thread to that sweet spot. Not too tight, not too loose. All it takes is a little fiddling and she’s good to go.IMG_1244

This is really her only fault, and I wouldn’t trade her for  brand new machine with dozens of stitches.

However, when I heard that new machines have self-tensioning bobbins, it was all I could to do to keep from swooning.

Maybe, someday, Blanca will need a friend.


8 thoughts on “Those Three Little Words

  1. Value your treasure! I just had my machine repaired and serviced. Main issue was bobbin tension that I couldn’t fix myself. I would have had to take the whole machine apart.


  2. wonderful gift! I bet you could find an old service guy who could fix that bobbin winder. 🙂 I would give my eye teeth for my grandmother’s old machine, but I think my dad sold it. 😦


  3. Oh Syttende Mai… favorite holiday. Okay, it’s not really a holiday in the US at all but I grew up in one of the most Norwegian towns in the country so, for us, it was totally a holiday.

    Also, I used to have my grandmother’s and my mother’s sewing machines. Couldn’t get either one to work and both went away. I even tried my own and had problems.

    I just don’t thing I was meant to sew. Oh well. I knit.


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