Book review: The Raven Boys


Title: The Raven Boys

Author: Maggie Stiefvater

Year Published: 2012

Category: Supernatural, fantasy, thriller, young adult

*No Spoilers*



‘The Raven Boys’is a book I’ve had my eye on for a while. I read a free excerpt on my  Kindle app. It was tantalizing; Blue’s colorful family, the fortunes, her fortune in particular, and the ghosts floating through the ruined church, and a boy she would either kill or fall in love with.

Stiefvater’s writing style is friendly and casual. That’s not to say boring, though. She weaves subtle allusions to later plot twists into her writing. She also is able to quietly amp up the suspense without the reader noticing. Then, suddenly, the book morphs into a gripping thriller. One I was unable to put down and read until after midnight, even though my fall classes started the next day.

The main cast consists of Blue and the Raven Boys; Adam, Ronan, Noah, and Ganesy. They are on a quest to find the fabled knight  Glendower, however, they don’t realize that they are not the only ones looking. Indeed, the mystery surrounding the power in Henrietta is much larger than any of them realize

I rate it: 5/5

Goodreads says: 4.04/5 (that’s specific)

Amazon says: 4.3/5


foul language, violence, physical abuse, tarot cards, witchcraft, spirits


Those Three Little Words


Last summer my Step-Grandmother was kind enough to give me her White Zigzag Sewing Machine (model 2134). I affectionately call her Blanca and, on the warranty card inside the instruction manual, it says it was purchased on May seventeenth nineteen sixty five. (That’s, Norwegian Independence Day too.)

That makes Blanca 51 years old. She’s still running well, though you can’t wind bobbins on her anymore. However, in her old age she’s become a bit, well, crotchety.


She’s a bit fussy with her tension. Especially the bobbin tension. I’ve learned it’s better to haul out the screw driver and my dedicated fabric scraps and get it all set up each time I start a new project after putting her away for a bit.

I’ve gotten quite good at getting the thread to that sweet spot. Not too tight, not too loose. All it takes is a little fiddling and she’s good to go.IMG_1244

This is really her only fault, and I wouldn’t trade her for  brand new machine with dozens of stitches.

However, when I heard that new machines have self-tensioning bobbins, it was all I could to do to keep from swooning.

Maybe, someday, Blanca will need a friend.