Book Review: False Hearts

26883105-_uy200_Title: False Hearts

Author: Laura Lam

Year Published: 2016

Category: Science fiction, thriller

*No Spoilers*



If you’ve been following my book reviews series since the beginning you may remember that I’ve already reviewed another of Laura Lam’s books; Pantomime. The book was just released and I jumped on a chance to read another of her works.

False hearts is the thrilling story of ex-conjoined twins Taema and Tila. The girls escaped the cult in which they were born when their shared heart begins to fail. They emerge into the futuristic city of San Fransisco.

They create new lives for themselves and they flourish, until ten years later when Tila stumbles into Taema’s apartment covered in blood. She is arrested and accused of the first civilian murder in many years.

Lam’s writing style draws you into the story line quickly. She creates two separate characters in Taema and Tila, despite the temptation to meld them together as almost one character. She also splits the narrative between Taema and Tila, giving them both a chance to tell their stories from both the past and present, as they have become intertwined in a deadly snarl.

I rate it: 4/5

Goodreads says: 4.04/5 (that’s specific)

Amazon says: 4.8/5


foul language, violence, drug use, needles, sex (non-explicit)


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