Back Under Control

A little bit ago I wrote a post about my Rugged Ripples Afghan, and how it seemed to have somehow gotten out of control (As far as knitting goes, anyway). I did manage, upon reaching the end of the first row I did after realizing there was a problem, to  gauge what the issue was. There were about four or five extra stitches.

IMG_0430 copy

I placed a stitch marker at the end of the pattern so that I would know where to start when I turned the work. Then I double crocheted plain until the last two stitches. Then, I did a double crochet two together.  I turned the work and worked even until I hit the stitch marker and then started the pattern.

I repeated this until there were no  more stitches on the other side of the stitch marker. I know that it has left a visible lump, but, with the amount of work that it takes to do one row, I wasn’t going to unravel back to it.

IMG_0427 copy The messed up rows are kind of visible when you look at the blanket, but it isn’t going to be a big issue when you have ten feet of blanket to look at. I’ve put it aside for a bit now that I’ve got it fixed. I’m waiting to accumulated enough yarn that I can do a lot at once.



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