Summer Sockin’

Memorial Day Weekend is known to most throughout the US as the unofficial start to summer. This is true for my family as well. We have been going camping on this weekend since I was probably about eight. We decided this year, rather than just take a jaunt up to our local campground, we’d branch out a bit.

We wandered all the way to Shenandoah River State Park in Virginia. It was a truly beautiful area. The river embraces the side of the campground, and there’s wildlife everywhere (seriously, I saw a weasel for the first time, too bad I was too slow with my camera.)

I, of course, took a sock with me (A vanilla cuff-down sock in Patons Kroy Sock Yarn ‘Brown Marl’ ) and I did my best to knit my way through the weekend, despite the presence of two wonderfully rambunctious little girls.


The first night it rained nearly as  soon as we got to the campground.

The next morning more than made up for the rain in sunniness. We spent lots of time down at the river, and some of us (not the sock or the toddler or the preschooler) even went tubing. I rounded out the night with sitting nearish the campfire (too hot) and knitting while rereading Dante’s Inferno. I figured it was best to revisit the source material for my novel since it’s been a year since I’ve read it.

Sunday morning I knitted a bit while the chef and her sous chef made me ‘pizza’. The pepperoni was great, and the cheese with blueberries was like nothing I’d ever tasted before. Around noon, we headed up to the overlook and the sock got a chance to bask in the sun.

As you may have noticed by my pictorial timeline, the knitting was rather slow. Mainly because it was too hot. Too hot for even sock knitting, I never thought I’d see the day.


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