Strawberries Added for Stability

I’m one of those people who perpetually is putting holes in their jeans. Rather than throwing them out and constantly buying new jeans, I’ve been trying my hand at mending. I usually find a  fabric that’s pretty and patch the hole with that, if there is a large one. I sometimes just sew it back together if it’s a small rip, but I like being able to add to my jeans in this way.

When a hole ripped in in one of my favorite pairs of jeans, I knew I could save them. I finally got around to pulling out the needle and thread the other day. In the beginning they looked like this.IMG_0009

It had originally been just a small rip that I had sewn shut using a matching thread. Then, a hole started to rip around the seam. I would need to unpick the original seam to open up both of the holes.

IMG_0022 copyOnce I got both holes opened up I had to decide what fabric to use to patch it. I was torn between some blue calico-like fabric and some white strawberry-dotted scraps. I ended up choosing the strawberry fabric since there was less of it left and I could possible use the blue for a small project later on down the road. (A DPN cozy maybe?)

Now that I had the fabric choice sorted I just had to gather the rest of my materials. I generally use thread in a color close to that of the fabric(doubled over for strength), and a square of fabric. This time I added my mini three inch embroidery hoop so that it would make the hand-sewing easier.

IMG_0075The first step was to sew around the hole using a small back stitch. I cleared away any loose threads before beginning as well.

I decided, as I was working, that since the fabric below the hole seemed rather thin, I’d add some embroidered strawberries to add more points of connection to the fabric below.

IMG_0077My embroidery skills aren’t that great so I wasn’t sure how well they would turn out. I originally thought I would do one large one but I ended up five small ones because  I just couldn’t  make the larger ones look even remotely close to right.

I love my new pants and it’s amazing what you can do with an hour here or there and some scraps of fabric.


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