This Has Gotten Away From Me

After I finished  my super secret project (pictures coming soon). I found my needles relatively empty, so I grabbed their equally lovely fraternal twin; my hook! I pulled out my Rugged Ripples Afghan (By Stephanie Gage). I was partway through working a row of light green. I went up and back with rather quickly, and as I hooked my way along, I could clearly tell (even though I am but a novice hooker) that something was terribly wrong.

So, I did what I had to do. I unrolled it. Now, you might be wondering why I keep it rolled up all of the time. I have always done that because it’s rather… huge. Anyway, I unrolled it and took a good look at it. Sure enough, the ripple pattern was starting to get all wonky. Rather than unravel all 226 inches of work (I measured, it’s 113 inches each way), I decided to mark out every stitch repeat using clothespins and rubber bands and a random twist tie since my split ring stitch markers have a tendency to pop open at the slightest suggestion.

IMG_8878Of course, as soon as I laid the blanket out on the living room floor, it attracted its biggest fan. Persephone. She just loves it. Of course, she’s fond of all of the soft things that come off of my hook or needles, but there’s just something about this blanket…

She haughtily surveyed me as I worked, counting out every twelve stitches. As I said before, I marked them, mostly using clothespins. Well, about halfway through it was just too much for her to bear, and she had to attack.

It quickly became a photo shoot of the elegant huntress, and that is why I don’t have any pictures of what I discovered to be the problem. I had added about six stitches that weren’t needed and they were throwing off the ripple pattern every second row. I’m planning to very carefully decrease them away. It’ll create gradual lump along the edge, but hopefully, when I add a border it won’t be to noticeable, and besides, with over 17,025 square inches of blanket (yes I just did the math), I don’t think it’ll be that noticeable.

All I can leave you with, is this last picture of the mighty predator, and the request for crocheting mojo, and finding worsted weight yarn scraps mojo.



2 thoughts on “This Has Gotten Away From Me

  1. lol – aren’t cats helpful???? Glad you sorted out what the problem is and found a way to fix it, because that is going to be a beautiful blanket when you are done, it would be a shame if you had to rip out that much!

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