A Pile of Rocks

It was Monday or Tuesday or so when I decided it was high time to get my seeds into the ground. I had been home from college for at least 72 hours, after all. I dug out the seed packets I had bought myself to celebrate reaching 50,000 words in my novel back at the beginning of March.

I’m surprised I held out as long as I did. As soon as the seed isles pop up in Walmart and Lowe’s they begin their annual springtime siren call. I have to go browse, even just for five minutes, every time we end up there. And since it’s the only grocery store (Walmart, that is, not Lowe’s) within a half hour of my college we end up there a lot (unfortunately, but I digress).

Back to the garden. I headed out into what I lovingly call our ‘Maximum Security Prison’ (I should have taken a picture of it, shouldn’t I?), our garden. Long story short, my mom went a little crazy with the chicken wire to protect our berry bushes.

I got down on my hands and knees and spent a few hours tilling a  little corner with a trowel for my radishes and carrots. (The Tomato seedlings I’m nursing won’t be going in the ground for another 2 weeks)

After getting the veggies in the ground I started planting my dye plants.IMG_8832 I first planted some Marigold seeds by the path past our (tiny) grape arbor and wood stove, then, on the other side of the path I planted  some Calendula (also, apparently known as ‘Pot Marigold’) next to our porch. I have never planted Calendula and was intrigued by the shape of the seeds. Something to remember, perhaps for a book idea, later on down the road?


Anyway, by the time I was done all I had to show for it were knees and hands that looked like these and a pile of rocks (dirty foot for scale).

I can’t wait to see, though, the fruits of my labors begin to break through the soil. The first should be the radishes in a few days or so.


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