I’ve been knitting since sixth or seventh grade, that’s, let’s  see… seven or eight years. (Really?) I would describe myself as an advanced-intermediate knitter.  I  can handle pretty much anything the average knitting pattern can throw at me.

So, when I decided that I was going to knit my mom the BLT Shawl (By Cheri McEwen) for Mother’s Day I figured it would be a breeze.  Sure, it’s been a while since I knit lace (since, Thunderstorm) but its nothing I can’t handle right?

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Well, nothing was wring with the pattern itself or the instructions. They were clear and the result is lovely. For whatever reason, my brain did not want to remember or understand the first lace motif. It’s simple, but it just didn’t connect.

IMG_8815The lace had knocked me back on my arse, simple enough. It was slightly startling, to struggle with my knitting. I had figured that I was at the point where knitting was something I had a firm grasp upon. Rather like a well trained horse or experienced musician’s grasp of the scales.

After a few false starts and some mild cursing I got it down and the knitting has flowed since (which is a good thing, since Mother’s day in the US is Sunday, May eighth).

It’s given me something to think about, showing my knitting some respect. I’m not as smart as I thought I was, or at least, there’s a lot more knowledge than I realized. I’m glad this pretty little pattern decided to give me a kick in the pants, because I needed one. Knitting is a give and take relationship with a infinite well of knowledge to explore and respect.


7 thoughts on “Advanced-Intermediate

  1. I hear you!
    I’ve been knitting for about 35 years now and still some lace patterns give me a real headache no matter how clear the instructions are. It can be frustrating and sometimes I switch so some complicated braided patterns to prove to myself I haven’t forgotten how to knit.

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  2. We’ve been knitting about the same amount of time, though I’ve got about 15 years of life on you from the sounds of it (and some really quick math)……I still struggle with some things, there are things I’ve not learned, and some things that I thought I would have an insane amount of problems with have resulted in no problems…but simple things can throw me for a loop for days/weeks. ::sigh:: Welcome to knitting. New things at every turn!

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  3. OMG!! You just described my love/hate relationship with anything remotely lace-related, lol (Well, except my new spindle-it can do no wrong 😉 )! Lace is good for that kick in the pants though. Good for you conquering it! I know your mom loved her gift!!

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