Halfway There

You may have already heard of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), it’s the month of November, but for people who want to write fifty thousand words during it. Why fifty thousand? That’s what technically constitutes a novel.

Well, in April (and July, come to think of it) the same wonderful people hold Camp NaNoWriMo. What is the difference? You can work on whatever writing project you want. Also, you can set your own goals. I, for example, calculated the number of words it would take for my first draft to reach seventy thousand words (the technical minimum length  of a fantasy novel) and set that as my goal. We’re now halfway in and I thought it might be a good idea to do a post from the thick of it.

These are my statistics as I can see them. The main strategy of any NaNoWriMo project is time management. As you can see, I only had to write five hundred and forty seven words everyday from the beginning of the month to meet my goal. But now, you can see it’s down to four hundred and forty six words per day.

I created a buffer for myself on the days when I had a chance  (Days three and twelve spring into my mind) so that other days if I only had the energy or time to write three hundred words, or none, like last night (you may notice that I haven’t written anything today either, that’s because it’s 8:30 and I haven’t had a chance. I’m writing to you guys first.) I wouldn’t fall behind.

Overall this has been a lot of fun, the people in my ‘Cabin’ sort of like a randomly-assigned Ravelry Group have been really nice and even helped me fill in two rather substantial plot holes.

However, now that we’re hitting the middle stretch life seems to be hitting all of us with various levels of suck. Hopefully we can all make it to the finish line in the end, and if not, we still have written more than we had when we started.

PS~ Here’s an exclusive sneak peak of the bind off (I can’t believe I’m already at the bind off!) of Impasto.



2 thoughts on “Halfway There

    • Thanks. I had a really bad knitting hangover yesterday (from finishing Impasto!!) so I didn’t write yesterday either, but my mojo seems to have come back.


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