Resurrecting Dresses (Part 1)

A new Goodwill popped up in the little town where I go to college. It’s been there for a couple months but I had yet to find anything beyond a few shirts I wanted too wear as they were.

A few weeks or so ago I found two dresses that I loved. A a fit of brilliance, though, I forgot to take before pictures. The best I can do are some (rather dodgy) screen shots of the before footage from Episode 32.

I knew when I picked the red dress off of the rack that I wanted to take out the waist panel and to shorted the hem by a bit. The purple dress I was less sure about. I knew I wanted to shorten it as well. My only other idea was to take off the buttons and find other ones to replace them with.

I had the time over spring break to modify them, so I got to it. I started with the red one. The first thing I did was to remove the shoulder pads be ripping out the seams.


Then, second step was to pin all of the pleats at the waist of the dress. They were nice and crisp and I didn’t want to loose them and have to refold them after I removed the waist panel.

After about an hour (it probably wouldn’t have taken as long, but I got majorly distracted by something, Twitter I think…) of seam ripping I had removed the waist panel from the top and skirt pieces. After examining the dress I cut out the excess button band. I was originally planning moving the skirt up, but, I realized that I would have to rip out the entire button band. I decided it simply wasn’t worth it.

After spending a few minutes trying to decide if I should turn the dress halves into a crop top and skirt combo (I decided that the top would be a bit too cropped) I pinned the top and skirt together. Luckily, they were now the same width so there was no need to gather the top like I thought I would have to. I simply seamed them together.

After trying on the dress I realized it was now too big. I put a tuck in the back just above the middle pleat. (It’s the seam between my thumb and forefinger above) Then, the last step was to hem it. I put it on and figured out where knee-length on the skirt would be. In the end, I raised it about 5 & 1/4 inches. ( 13 & 1/3 centimeters).

By then it felt like it the dress I wanted it to be, so I stopped fiddling. Now I just have to wait for it to be warm enough to wear it!

Enjoyed this post? Stay tuned for the second installment where I resurrect the purple dress above.


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