Process versus Product

Do you ever get stuck with your knitting? So stuck your knitting muse had fled for higher ground. Left you to flail in the quicksand of ennui.

I had been working out how to knit my new shawl design for a little over a week, and had finally started to get somewhere, when I got stuck. I tried a few times to create vertical slip-stitch motifs that let the yarn shine.


After a week of waffling, in an attempt to recapture my muse, Jake suggested I break out my scrappy yarn blanket. At first I dismissed the suggestion. Eventually, after days of fidgeting and simply just watching TV, rather than multitasking, I gave in.

I pulled out my blanket. It was bliss. Not needing to think about what I was knitting, to not have to decide what was coming next.


The miniskeins are set out and photographed so I know in what order they will be knit. The chosen skeins wait in an old plastic bag from my LYS, separate from the rest of the other skeins.


Once I dug back into my blanket I couldn’t stop. I knit over a row of squares in a few days, I’m about two squares in the second row now, and I’m planning to knit some more while I watch Jake play Bioshock 2 tonight.


It’s nice to get sucked back into a project where I’m not in charge of what happens next, I can just follow along and enjoy.


It helped me to feel at peace enough to frog my partial row of mistakes, wind up the tangled extra yarn, and start back at it again. The balance of process and product sometimes just needs to be respected.



2 thoughts on “Process versus Product

  1. Oh I know exactly what you mean! I usually have several projects going on so I can choose which level of difficulty – and which craft – I want to tackle every time I sit down with my wool.

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    • That is a great idea. I used to have more tiered projects, but lately, it hasn’t been like that. I should definitely try to get back to that a little more.


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