Book Review: A Tale of Two Cities

1953Title: A Tale of Two Cities

Author: Charles Dickens

Year Published: 1859

Category: Classic Historical Fiction

*No Spoilers*



A Tale of two cities is a fictionalized retelling of the French Revolution that occurred in 1789. The story begins in 1776, on a cold and dreary road on England. Jarvis Lorry is on his way to ‘resurrect’ an old friend, Alexandre Manette, with the help of his daughter, Lucy Manette.

As the events unfold, the family lives happily in London, Lucy and Alexandre, with their friends Charles Darnay, Sydney Carton, Miss Pross, and Stryver. However, as happy as they are in London, there is unrest in France. In the poorest district of Paris the DeFarge’s plot and plan.

As the Revolution nears, old secrets are revealed and wrongs need to be righted. Turbulence and terror lift the happy family from their home and lands them in Paris. It’s a race to save the one who is most dear to the Manettes.

Dickens takes his time building the suspension until you nearly need la guillotine to cut through it. All the characters seem scattered and unrelated but slowly, masterfully, he knit’s them together like the damning stitches of the tricoteuse, Madame Defarge.


I rate it: 4/5

Goodreads says: 3.8/5

Amazon says: 4.3/5


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