Would you like Raisins?

Oatmeal knitting. That knitting that is simple, sturdy, and sticks to your ribs. (Especially if it’s a sweater.) It’s a steaming bowl first thing on a chilly Saturday morning. It’s pretty plain on it’s own.

The humble oats don’t offer much flavor or much ‘zing’, but they get the job done, and fortify you for the day to come.


The fields of Asphodel Stockinette

There are common additions to Oatmeal, though. They make it more palatable and nutritious.

Milk is one that adds calcium and will work to strengthen your bones and holds together the Oatmeal and all of its extras.


Stretchy and strong ribs(ing) keeps the hem together.

Then, of course, there’s raisins, adding a bit of flavor and a pop of color.


Stripes add just the right kind of contrast. 

Lastly, my personal favorite, brown sugar. Heaped on top to add a little sweetness and change it up from the regular, ‘boring’ (but still just as nice) oatmeal.


A hood. Just the thing to top it off.

Put all of these together and you have a  wonderfully warm bowl of oatmeal that you can savor and appreciate in its simplicity.




PS~ This might totally ruin the metaphor, but go back to the stripe picture and check out my invisible seam. I’m super proud that I can’t tell which one it is.



6 thoughts on “Would you like Raisins?

  1. Beautiful, Sarah! Is this your pattern? And your oatmeal analogy is very good! I was force fed oatmeal as a kid with raisins and dates. I am so scarred that I can never eat oatmeal as an adult haha 😂

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