To KIP is to Knit in Public

I try to take my knitting with me everywhere I can. That includes to class. I go to a small state university and seem to be accruing a reputation as ‘that girl who knits’, much like I was in high school.

However, I’m far from the only fiber freak on campus. There’s the fact that a few friends and I have started a fiber arts (I prefer the term ‘fiber appreciation’) club on campus. It started with four and has mushroomed to somewhere around fifteen with about thirteen members attending each week.

However, when I knit in class or in the hallways or the lounge for education students I notice more fiber aficionados (Is that better than freak? I really like alliteration.) in my wake, if I my be so self-absorbed.

In my assessment class I have been knitting (and cross stitching) while we watch the movie Stand and Deliver (10/10 would recommend). It’s interesting. I have the same professor for both of my classes on Tuesday and Thursday. My classmates don’t change much as well.

I was knitting in my morning class and while I was waiting for my afternoon class to start, I noticed  one of my classmates crocheting as I pulled out my knitting. Of course, there’s no proof that seeing me knitting in the morning prompted her to get out her crocheting in the afternoon, but I would like to think so.

As I was leaving my class I noticed another girl in the neighboring classroom knitting. See what I mean about uncovering fiber-lovers in my wake? Like I said, it’s rather self-centered of me to assume that I’m the catalyst, but, remembering how nervous I was when I first started knitting in public (way back in middle school), I know it would have been a lot easier if I had seen someone else knitting too.

So, if you’re considering knitting or crafting in public, go for it. You never know what will happen.


4 thoughts on “To KIP is to Knit in Public

  1. When I was in college, many moons ago (seriously, I graduated from college in 2002)…I was not a knitter or a spinner but I had a few friends that were. I should have been at that point but I just didn’t have time to learn. My second go round (to get a secondary BA), I pulled knitting out all the time, as did a couple other students 🙂 I feel like it’s easier to do now because most instructors have notes on power point and available online. I took far less notes the second time around.


    • Most, if not all of my professors have copies of everything online. For me, I get the most knitting time while discussions are going on and during movies. I’m still a pretty compulsive note-taker, even if I don’t need to be.
      Sorry for the delay in responding! WordPress has been eating about half of my comments, and while I try to go back and check, sometimes they slip through the cracks…


  2. While knitting during a train ride a fellow passenger even approached me and said she’d so glad to see me knitting. She didn’t have the courage before because she might have gotten looks 🙂

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