Sometime during the beginning stages of my Skeleton Sweater I fell in love with cross stitching after seeing a blog post on CreepingThyme about her 2015 Story Time Sampler (by the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery).

I decided, having just started a fingering weight colorwork sweater, that I would wait until I finished it to learn to cross stitch. I finished my Skeleton Key Sweater on September 30th 2o15 and on the weekend of my birthday (October 11th) I picked up a simple cross stitch kit from WalMart. I worked on it on and off for several months, finally, with the impetus that is LinaKnit’s Finish it February and the KnittingĀ Dead’s Big D—- WIP Down.

I finished the pattern on the 18th, I believe. I washed it (I couldn’t believe how much dye came out of the fabric) and gently ironed it this past weekend.

And, finally, here it is!


I made several mistakes and I swear the pattern warps the space time continuum. However, they aren’t really visible, so, I don’t overly mind. I also decided not to add the french knots required by the pattern because I didn’t want to have anything sticking up off the the fabric. I’m really happy with how it tuned out, and I can’t wait to try another pattern, one with color!


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