Squall’s A-Comin’

As  I was packing to return to school after my winter break I spent a significant time deciding what yarn to bring with me. Even so, I ended up with way more yarn and yarn-related paraphernalia than I thought could find a home in my little dorm room.
IMG_20160116_153347While I was packing I started sifting through my container containing most of my KnitPicks purchase from November. I gathered my nine skeins for my Captain America sweater. I decided to leave behind the yarn I had earmarked for a pair of Fightin’ Words since I had decided on making a pair.

Then, I started pulling out skeins of Wool of the Andes for a Baaa-ble Hat.

Merlot Heather, check. Coal, check. Cloud, check. Mist, check… Wait where’s the blue for the sky? I dug around semi-frantically for about ten minutes. I was internally cursing myself for not buying the right number of skeins for a hat. Sure, I could buy another skein, but I had been so proud of getting all of it on sale.

Eventually I thought of checking my Ravelry stash and the pattern page. Yep, I had bought four colors, one of which was mist. The pattern page called for four colors of yarn. I didn’t even have to look at the requirements. It was obvious in the pictures.

For a last resort I went downstairs and found my mother in the kitchen. I showed her the  skein of yarn. I only said “what color is this yarn?” She looked at me like I was showing her the second head I had been growing out of my neck.


And guess what? She is so right.

IMG_8624I held it against the other colors against it. Not only is it very grey against the white, black, and brown, it’s still very grey against all of the grey things in my room- and there are a lot of grey things in my room. (See my blanket in the bottom of the picture?)

I thought it was blue. I thought it was blue on the monitor when I ordered it and when it arrived. I showed it to Jake via Snapchat and he thought it was blue too.

Even better, I used knit picks palette, in mist for my Skeleton Key sweater. It was a different shade of grey, but grey to be sure.

So, rather than buying a new skein it’s just going to be a snow squall instead of a sunny day.


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