Book Review: Pantomime

It’s been four months since I decided to start doing book reviews, and this is only my second one. I guess I dropped the ball on that one. Never fear, I’m going to pick it back up again and try to pretend I am not horrible at 99% of things involving… I’m not finishing that sentence.

For this review I will be reviewing ‘Pantomime’. It is by a young woman named Laura Lam, who seems lovely, based on her instagram.15797050

Title: Pantomime

Author: Laura Lam

Year Published: 2013

Category: Young Adult Fantasy

*No spoilers*



After discovering the sequel to this book, Shadowplay, through Tumblr I was very excited to read it. Until, of course, I realized it was a sequel. I ordered a copy of Pantomime straight away.  I manages to hold off from reading more than the introduction until we were on vacation. It was going to be my vacation book. It ended up being so good that I read it entirely between the second and third day we were there. (I actually read it again the last day.)

Pantomime is about a young person names Iphigenia. She was born with both sets of genitals, but is being raised by her merchant parents as a young lady. This story is their story of discovery of themselves and the power and strength that they have.

Set in a Victorian-era in the land of Ellada, where only the last gasps of an ancient magic remain, trapped in the Vestige left behind. Gene (you don’t really think that any teen would willingly be called Inphigenia) breaks free of her ill-fitting life as a young lady and becomes Micah Grey, the newest member of R.H. Ragona’s Circus of Magic, and the aerialist apprentice to  Arik and Aenea.

Laura Lam writes of the two types of magic that live in this city, the magic in the Vestige and that of deception, both benign and malevolent.

Lam’s words are like a magician’s spell. She artfully casts the story into sharp relief. The characters are round and full of emotion and realness. Each one is important, if only for a second.

This story is one of acceptance; of one’s self and of others. Every person has, at some point, felt afraid to be who they were for fear of being rejected. Nearly every person has been rejected and even if our stories are different from Micah’s we can all relate to them. That is exactly why, I think this story is so powerful. It will resonate with every person differently.

I rate it: 5/5

Goodreads says: 3.93/5 (that’s specific)

Amazon says: 4.5/5


Abuse; emotional and physical, foul language,  death, blood,




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