The colors of the Sea

When I was browsing during their big sale in November I stumbled across some KnitPicks Felici while I was getting ready to place my second order. Yes, I know, I’m weak. The colorway was ‘Nassau’.

Nassau, is the capital of the Bahamas. It resides on Grand Bahama Island. The colorway was of blues and greens, it had me wrapped around its finger (metaphorically) in seconds. We weren’t going to vacation on Grand Bahama Island, rather a smaller island called Eleuthra.

I cast on the night before we left, since I had to do the tubular cast on, which I had never done before. In the hotel I realized that I had made the classic mistake of not reading everything I needed to beforehand. I hadn’t known that it was a provisional cast on and hadn’t brought scrap yarn. I found some that I had planned to keep on hand for emergencies.IMG_7850

The next morning, on the airplane, I worked the first heel and got a chance to practice cross-multiplication to scale down the sock pattern from a cast on of 64 stitches to 60.

Once we arrived in Eleuthra, I did the best I could to make sure the socks (Super Simple Short Socks, btw) got to see a bit of everything.IMG_7858 We took it to the Haynes Library when my stepdad was leaving some books in their take-a-book leave-a-book program.

Both socks also braved the sand and surf to see all of the beaches we went to. I didn’t take pictures of them at everyone but here are two.

The first is of Cupid’s Cay just opposite of the Library. I loved how the color of the water matched the sock so well. The second is of a waterspout called the Queen’s Bath (I believe).

They also got to try the local cuisine. Cracked chicken and conch (of every variety) were their favorites. (They are mine as well.)IMG_7881

‘Cracked’ means that it’s pounded before seasoned and then cooked. The term comes from cracking the conch’s shell to get to the meat. (That’s cracked conch with peas and rice. The lime is to be squeezed on the conch)

I finished them three days before we left to come home. I made sure to get plenty of pictures of them in their natural habitat.

The socks both thought it was funny that this was the only picture they have of them actually in Nassau. It’s of the first one at the airport.



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