When the Ravelry group I am a part of (The Knitting Dead) announced that they were holding a year-long WIP (work in progress) knit-a-long I thought, slightly disappointingly, that I wouldn’t be able to join since I didn’t have any WIPS. I continued this line of thinking for a week or so, until I started to feel a little tug on that thread of thought.

It unraveled pretty quickly, and was exposed as the insanity it was. I started pulling them out of their various hiding places living spaces this morning and assembled them for role call.


Clockwise from the upper left; we have the Rugged Ripples Afghan by Stephanie Gage (Started November 16, 2014), a cross stitch pattern that is cafe-themed (Started October 10, 2015), Chain Stripes by Lisa Carnahan (this was a random cast on from a weekend when I came home and forgot my knitting. I know, crazy right? I’ll be frogging this one.), My 2016 weather scarf (Started January 11, 2016),  The Blanket by Shelly Kang (Started March 23, 2013), a charity hat out of my head (Started December 30, 2015), My Starry Night Batts, from AlmaPark on Etsy (Started Fall 2015), A charity blanket of granny squares (Started May 2015), and the shirt and hat for my male gnome of Pocket Pals the Gnomes by Debbi Birkin (Started June 30, 2014).

Obviously I have a bit of work to do. So, with the combination of the Knitting Dead KAL and LinaKnit’s Finish-it-February I think I’ll be able to finish almost (or dare I drop the ‘almost’) all of these WIPS by the end of the year.

Wish me luck.


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