Episode 25: Fiber Books and Bricks

You can find episode 25 here.


Super Simple Short Socks, By Meghann Holcomb

For the Love of Cables, By Crystal Gammon

Clincher, By Ash Kearns

Sandoval Hat, By Robyn Devine


Knit Picks Felici, Nassau

Ella Rae, Lace Merino, in Kelly Green

MadelineTosh, Unicorn Tail, in Glazed Pecan

Ella Rae, Lace Merino Worsted, in Grey Black


Thor Goddess of Thunder: Vol. 2

Rey’s Speeder, Set 75099

First Order Battle Pack, Set 75132

Knighton Battle Blaster, Set 70310

The Winter Soldier Polybag

Poe Dameron’s X-Wing, Set 75102


You can find me on:

My Etsy Shop: KnittyNerdyNatural

Ravelry: Kninernat

Instagram: Kninernat

The Ravelry Group: Knitty, Nerdy, & Natural


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