How to Show a Hat a Good Time

Back in October, Jake and I were going to go to Rhinebeck, but, on the big day I had a skull-splitting migraine and we had to bail. So to compensate later we ventured to a LYS in a town near our college. That’s where I got the yarn for this hat. Jake picked it out. I was going to knit him a hat right away but I didn’t have the required size US 9 dpns.

I finished the Sandoval Hat in just a few days. (Jake picked the pattern too.) The beginning was a little rough.

The suggested needle size made, for me, a fabric that could be described ‘slightly dense fishnet stockings’. I wasn’t even getting gauge. I don’t think it was helped by the fact that the needles were printed as a size US 9 but clearly don’t fit into the size 9 hole in my needle sizer. I went down to a six 6 US and cast on 114 stitches.

After that though, it was smooth sailing.

It went with me to three futsal games (the easiest explanation since I don’t know much about it either, it that it is indoor soccer with a heavier ball. I know there’s more than that but I don’t know what it is.). It got to watch my little brother scale the side of the local Y to get the ball down during halftime of the game.

To be far, it wasn’t overly worried about him since he’s  essentially a monkey.


After that particular game it watched Key Largo with my mom and I. It enjoys movies with Humphrey Bogart an Lauren Bacall in them as much as we do.

The next night it attended family game night in our kitchen. My brother (the same one as above) made mini doughnuts in his doughnut making machine and we played Scatagories.  My crowing moment was when the letter was ‘W’ and I filled in every single category on the list. It only got a few stitches worked but  it had fun anyway.

IMG_7837Then, it came with me when we went out to eat Chinese. It thinks I got ripped off in the fortune inside the fortune cookie department. It says ‘It’s darkest before the dawn.’ Now the hat may only be a few day old, but it’s sure it has heard that somewhere else before.


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