DIY Christmas Mittens

I’ll be away for Christmas and my nuclear family isn’t exchanging gifts this year since we’re going on vacation together. This being said, It didn’t really occur to me that I’d still need presents for my extended family. This has left me in a whirlwind of activity, as I frantically try to rustle up some presents for the other members of my, especially the little ones.

Today I made my ‘homemade’ gifts for my nieces. They’re also getting books but i wanted them to have something handmade. I was wondering what I could knit in a day. I mulled over bunny nuggets and bluebirds of happiness, but, when I was cleaning I stumbled across two pairs of pink mittens I had bought for some unknown reason.IMG_7807

I decided to make them into ornaments for the girls to get to hang on the tree. Firs, I made myself a template so I could figure out how to center my older niece’s rather long name. (Ignore the fact that a chunk of the thumb is missing. I didn’t need it anyway.)

IMG_7809Then, I started the arduous process of embroidering all eight letters of her first name as straight across the mitten and a centered as I could. I worked slowly, checking and double checking that none of the letters were backwards and I wasn’t misspelling her name. It went rather well and I was IMG_7812excited to move onto her sister’s mitten because her name was so much shorter. Then I counted. Her’s is seven. Only one letter shorter.

The next step was to, Lord help me, embroider six snowflakes on each mitten. Snowflakes and I do not have a good relationship.

Last winter I had Screenshot_20151213-123111to embroider a bunch on mug cozies and all I ended up with were vaguely spiderwebby monstrosities.  So, for inspiration, I looked up “simple embroidered snowflakes”. Do these look simple to you?!! I mean, hats off to the people who embroidered these snowflakes, but, this is not what I think of when I think “simple embroidered snowflakes”.

I forged on, doing my best to create beautiful, naturally forming, flying ice sculptures. Not spooky, death-nets for flies and other unfortunate insects.

After the snowflakes were all done I embroidered ’15’ for 2015 on the backs so they’d know when they were made. Remember how I said I was worried I’d write something backwards?IMG_7811 Well, the first mitten was, apparently, made in 2012. Luckily, I noticed as soon as I did it. And fixed it.

Scary thought that in a few years I’ll be teaching young people their numbers and here I am, a ‘grown up’ and I’m still messing up. (‘J’s are terrifying for me. Neither way looks right.)

IMG_7818I stuffed them using yarn bits I’d cut off while weaving in ends. Then I cut two ribbons about five inches long each. I folded the ends and held them in place as I sewed them shut along the bottom of the cuff. This means they’ll hang on the tree with the embroidery facing outward, not sideways like so many ornaments do. I might have a peeve.

IMG_7820In the end they looked so cute. I hung them up on my lamp and admired them briefly before affixing them to the correct packages and getting them ready to mail tomorrow.



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