Wash Day

Thursday afternoon I washed my hand knits. It was something I had been fantasizing about for the past two weeks.

IMG_7751 I filled the bathtub up with about three inches of lukewarm water and then started adding my knits. There were only a few tense minutes; when I added my koolaid-dyed hat and thought the dye was running (see the middle right of the tub), but it was just the reflection in the water, and when I was adding my helix socks (ever since their run-in with the washing machine my mom’s fault, not mine I haven’t been sure how they would feel about going for a swim). Everything went swimmingly though, pun totally intended.

IMG_7753I sat for a while and read some more of the back issues of YarnHarlot.  while I waited for the yarn to fully soak itself and and to let go of whatever dirt its fibers were holding on to. I didn’t add any soap because I don’t have any specifically for wool and I didn’t know if a mild shampoo or conditioner would work. (Hair is pretty much the same as wool, right?)

As I fished out my knits I laid them out on spare towels. (Look! All the socks I’ve ever knit for myself.) My Wisp opened back up beautifully, despite being six years old (give or take). In the end, I had three rather soggy rolled up towels filled with knitwear and a tub full or murky water and fuzz bits.

While the tub drained I spread my two largest shawls, Shattered Sun Shawl, and Thunderstorm,  across my bed. (Don’t be fooled by the neatness of my bed. The rest of my room looks like a bomb went off. The unpacking part or winter break is still woefully incomplete. This is mainly due to me saying things like ‘I know I brought my Flying North Socks home’ or ‘My camera battery is in here somewhere‘ and then proceeding to dump entire bags of things onto the floor.)


I then  artfully draped all of the other items across a chair in our Play Rec Room (The new name just won’t take) We have more photogenic chairs in out living room, but I don’t think my mom would appreciate wet wool all over the couches and chairs she has refinished and upholstered herself.







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