It’s a dangerous thing to take a personal day twenty four hours before the start of finals but, when you wake up to the feeling of someone whacking you in the face with a shovel (Even though there was no one in my room…) and even the sweet brown nectar of coffee won’t appease it, it’s best to admit that maybe it isn’t the best idea to try to come up with a mock IEP (Individualized Education Plan) for one’s final even if it’s the next day!.

Instead, I stayed in bed and rested. I did about half of my work before I nested down into my quilt and started reading the back post from Yarn Harlot (Don’t judge me. You can’t say you’ve never tried to read eleven years of blog posts. You haven’t? Oh. You should try it, it’s fun.)

At about three thirty I looked up from my nest, and scanned my dark room and decided to get up off of my butt for a minute or too. I decided to take pictures of my finished Flying North socks. I quickly got up, grabbed my socks, my camera (Which, sadly, I’ll be handing in Tuesday, now that the semester is over, and so is my digital photography class), and found the brightest spot in my room- my windowsill.

PS~ I really like the new mosaic picture cluster thingy WordPress now has. I do NOT like that they won’t let me embed YouTube videos anymore.

PPS~ The yarn is from here and it’s sent in two twin balls so  your socks can be identical

PPPS~ In case you’re going to ask, the dragon doesn’t have a name and I’m not sure if they ever will.

PPPPS~ If you feel like sharing your own FOs, there’s a forum for it in our Ravelry group


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