I’m not a ‘start humming Christmas tunes under my breath as soon as Halloween is out the door’. I’m in the ‘there is a clear order: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas’ camp. The way I look at it is ‘you do you and I’ll do me’. However there’s one instance where I’m willing to celebrate out of order.

IMG_8472 There have been some lollipops, well, popping up around campus. The wonderful wife of the president of the university and a coalition of students have been decorating for the upcoming holidays.


IMG_8478 It’s so sweet of her to do this for us, as sweet as the giant candies she has been making for over a month. There are streamers wrapped around various fixtures as well, such as the clock in the middle of the quad.

As you may have noticed we’re a bit early for decorations and they do, admittedly, look a little odd since there isn’t any snow on the ground.

However, it makes the most sense for the decorations to go up six weeks early since we leave after not even two weeks into

The decorations extend into the cafeteria and I think they are even prettier inside. There’s a giant Christmas tree and there are wreaths and garlands festooning the windows.

I think it is important to recognize when someone is making the effort to do something nice for you, even when you don’t personally agree with what they’re doing. I think that’s something that the holiday season has lost,   so I thought I’d take the opportunity here to thank the wonderful lady who put all of this together.



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