Episode 23: Book Haul

In Which I talk about the normal craftiness but with 20% more books.

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Flying North, By Maria Montzka

Sock Yarn Blankie, By Shelly Kang


AndreSureKnits Yarns

Turtle Purl Yarns


Starry Night Batt (Textured), By AlmaPark

I have smooth batts but they’re unavailable right now.


I know My Opposites, By Richard Scarry

The Extinct Alphabet Book, By Jerry Pallotta & Illustrated by, Ralph Masiello

The Bus for Us, Nuestro Autobus, By Suzanne Bloom

Wood Hoopoe Willie, By Virginia Kroll & Katherine Roundtree

Vincenet Van Gogh, Sunflowers and Swirly Stars, By Brad Bucks & Joan Holub


JunkYarn Podcast, Hosted by Kemper Wray (AKA WrayBot)


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