Patience, Padawan

Have you ever had a WIP that grows so slowly that you’re not sure that it’s growing at all? Sometimes that’s a bad thing; when there’s a deadline looming over one’s head, or field of stockinette are seeming more like the fields of Asphodel. The yarn, perhaps, is fighting with the lace pattern or the fiber itself is staging a coup d’etat against your sinuses. Maybe it’s just taking too damn long.

Whatever the reason the offending project finds itself shoved up onto a shelf or boxed up in the back of a closet, left to grumble and fume. Maybe if it’s feeling particularly vindictive it’ll invite some moths over for company.

Sometimes though, when a project is going slow, we don’t get frustrated or bored. There is no anger on our part or resentment on the yarn’s. Sometimes the yarn flows patiently and our fingers manipulate the yarn peacefully.


When we have to tuck the project away, it’s with great reluctance. It understands that we’ll be back for it as soon as we can. When it emerges, it’s with a bounce of eagerness of the crimp stretching itself and not with the limp stretch of sagging holes that have been chewed in it by the tiny tenants the obstinate piece invited in.


These projects are timeless. They aren’t the tiny set of booties to warm a baby’s feet during their first weeks. It isn’t a sweater speed knit to fit the gangly, ever-growing body of a preteen.


My project that has been the most, ahem, patient with me is my Blanket (with a capital ‘B’). According to Ravely its birthday is March 24th, 2013 It has been with for more than two years now. Over all it has 271 squares. (At the last official count I had 215.)


The yarns that have been added to the blanket are a scrapbook of the last two years. There isn’t yet a square that I don’t know the story to. I know, eventually, that the specific projects and names associated with the yarns will fade. The Blanket will be there though.


Until it slips off of the bench it was being posed upon.


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