The Passage of Time

I’ve been gift-knitting for as long as I could knit. Hats for friends, leggings for a dancer, and baby knits. Now, one might think that knitting for brand new human beings, produced by my peers, might make me feel a bit old. However, since I started knitting baby gifts when I was fifteen (for my oldest niece) it does not seem that odd now as I’m planning presents for people who are my age  that are reproducing.

It’s odd. The gift that has made me feel the passage of time the most is not what one might expect. No, it’s not a teeny tiny sweater; it’s a basket.


I crocheted the Magnificent Moss Basket for a friend I work with who is going to be moving into her first home soon. She is only about three years ahead of me and this really struck me. In three years that could be me (not that I’m planning on it).

It’s strange what things are the most striking to us.


One thought on “The Passage of Time

  1. You’re right. Transience is a theme we can’t seem to get away from in this life. It’s funny how life can change on a dime. I suppose living purposefully is the only way to deal with the way time and change attempt to manhandle us.

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