Episode 7: I Might Have Made a Skirt

Hello everybody, I have another podcast for you guys. This week, I talk about my continuing works in progress, knitting-wise and spinning-wise. The Tour de Fleece has me spinning more than I ever have before and I’m still trying to reach the armholes on my sweater. There’s also a sewing project, a super cool one that has, unfortunately taken up a lot of my normal knitting time.

Skeleton Key (Sweater) By: AndreSueKnits
Thunderstorm Mystery Knit-along, By: Alicia Plummer
Walking the Walkers, By: Bohemia Fibers
Sunflowers at Sunset (Roving), By: JoyfulSheepStudio
You can find me on:
Instagram: kninernat
Ravelry: Kninernat
My Etsy Store: KnittyNerdyNatural

I accidently forgot, last week to link you all to my previous podcast so I’m going to embed it into this post as well.


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