Bag Lady

I’ve always been a crafty person, and I’ve always wanted to share my love of creating with others.


I have rambled from craft to craft before but, I seem to have settled down into a groove with the crafts I love


So, in a fit of sharing my love of all things fibery, and that does seem to be where my crafting nucleus is; fiber.


I have opened an etsy shop.


I don’t know how long it’ll be open for. However long I can make bags for it.


Whether that’s just for the summer or I have spillover into the school year. However I am deeply excited about this adventure and I’d love to take you along with me. So, if you want to take a look around, click here.

I thank each and every one of you for you kind words and encouragement. I would probably still be sewing up bags and stashing them like a squirrel in my cupboard without all of you.


Epsiode 5: Highly Sophisticated System of Interlocking Bricks

Hello everybody, this episode is a little late but, better late than never. This time I talk about my progress on my sweater and the mystery knitalong I’m participating in. The winner of the giveaway is announced and that’s it.
Actually, this week we have a special guest with us to talk about their flavor of nerdy. I can’t to show you all what we’ve been up to!

Skeleton Key (Sweater) By: AndreSueKnits
Thunderstorm Mystery Knit-along, By: Alicia Plummer
Walking the Walkers, By: Bohemia Fibers,
You can find me on:
Instagram: kninernat
Ravelry: Kninernat
Etsy: SarahsSpace

Norway Giveaway (It rhymes, too!)

I totally forgot to tell all of you about the giveaway I’m holding right now. It runs until the 25th at midnight. You can win a prize pack I brought back from Norway.


There is a Kon Tiki notepad, a needle for Nålbinding (the Norwegian precursor to knitting) and a skein of Mini Raggi sock yarn.

Contest Rules
Comment on one of my videos describing my trip to Norway, or comment on one of my blog posts for my podcast. You can comment once on both videos on and once on each blog post. This is a total of four entries per person. You do not need to be subscribed to YouTube or follow my blog, but it’s appreciated.

To find my first Norway post click here.
To find my second Norway post click here.
To find my YouTube channel click here.

Episode 4: Mail Day

We’re finally back to our regular podcast location. Stay dry with me as I discuss what I’ve done since returning home, open my yarn mail with me, talk about my selection for a Mystery Knit-along, examine all the project bags I’ve made and learn how you can enter a giveaway for prizes I brought back with me.

Sock Yarn Blankie, By: Shelly Kang
Rugged Ripples Afghan, By: Stephanie Gage
Skeleton Key (Sweater) By: AndreSueKnits
Thunderstorm Mystery Knit-along, By: Alicia Plummer
KnitPicks Palette (Bare), By: KnitPicks
Walking the Walkers, By: Bohemia Fibers
You can find me on:
Instagram: kninernat
Ravelry: Kninernat

YouTube: Knitty Nerdy & Natural


Sometime between me leaving for my summer classes and returning from Norway, Summer started. It poured itself all over us like wild violet syrup.

Persephone has relaxed into her seasonal stupor. (Don’t be fooled, that’s the most alert she’s been all day!)


My newest additions, Her-mint-onie and Luna (for lack of a more creative name), are settling in well.


And I’ve begun trying to keep the darned wood pecker off of my mom’s trees!



Episode 3B: Norway Continued

After much early risings and a visit from a maintenance guy from the internet company (our wifi was going at 1/2 speed and working overhard because the dish had slid slightly out of alignment) we have a part two. I won’t waste words, here you go!

Hope you guys enjoy and, if you stick around for the episode next Friday you’ll find out how you can enter my Norway Giveaway.

Episode 3a Norway

Hello everybody. If you’ve noticed that I seemed to have disappeared off of the face of the earth these past few weeks, you were close. I disappeared off of the continent. As you may have guessed, due to the title of this post, I went to Norway. First, I was at university for a week, taking the two most intensive courses of my life. I suppose they get like that when they get concentrated into a week. (IT is still yet to be known whether I’ll need therapy yet or not.)

We learned about environmental stewardship in regards to climate change and leadership. This is where Norway comes in, they are being a leader in the fight to end anthropomorphic climate change. While over there we went on several field trips regarding the environment and leadership. It was an amazing trip, not one I’ll ever forget, and I’m excited to share it with all of you.

Yarn I bought: mini raggi

Note: The second part will be published as it’s own post as soon as I can upload it. We do not have unlimited data so I must do it in the wee hours of the morning on our ‘bonus bytes’. IT’ll be tmorrow or the next day. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten, and stay tuned for the giveaway!

Giving the yarn Pink.

I thought that it would be fun, on our last afternoon, for Rosie and I to try to dye some yarn together. I picked some wild phlox while we were camping. Then, once we got home, I set Rosie up with pulling all of flowers off. I started soaking the yarn  and mordanting it with Cream of Tartar.

While she was deflowering the stalks Rosie asked me if she could keep the rest of the flowers to give to her mommy and daddy when she went home.  I told her that she could take one but the rest were going into the dye pot.

“But why?” (asked every three-year-old ever)

“Because we’re taking the pink from the flowers and giving it to the yarn.”

“To the yarn?” She seemed impressed.

“Yep.” I checked on the yarn’s progress.

“But what is the yarn going to say?”

“What is the yarn going to say?” Sometimes it’s just best to repeat what she says.


“Well i don’t know. What do you think it will say?” I really did not have a clue.

“I dunno.”

“Do you think it will say ‘thanks for the pink!'”

She looks at me a grins from ear to ear. “Yeah! But, what will the flowers say?’

This gave me pause, I thought of the ghostly petals, exhausted of their colors, floating silently as their color swirled round them.

“Well, they’ll say thanks! We’re white now.” I cringed at my answer I really wish I could have thought of something better.


Long after she had gone to bed I scooped the yarn out of the dye bath and waited to hear what the flowers would say. But, they remained silent and the color trickled back out of the yarn and left it as it had been.